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To make sure the integrity of every Master’s degree is kept and study-specific events are organized as well, MASE aims to have student representatives from each degree. The bigger Master’s degrees have a student council, whereas the smaller ones have one or two student representatives.

  • SEC student council

The SEC Student Council organises social and career events for Science Education and Communication students. This year, we organised the annual national Science Communication. Conferences, along with our regular Borrelpraat and an end-of-the-year event. Being on the SEC student council takes only a few hours a week and is a lot of fun, so feel free to contact us if you're interested. Email us at

  • BCN student council

The vision of the BCN student council is to create an inclusive and long-lasting network for their fellow students, which helps them to develop their career after their studies and to create strong ties between the first and second years, and the three tracks: Animal and Human Behavioural Neurosciences (B-track), Cognitive Neuroscience and Cognitive Modelling (C-track), and Molecular and Clinical Neuroscience (N-track).

Within the council, every track is represented by one student, holding the roles of the chair, secretary, and event manager, while one student facilitates the communication between MASE and the student council. To this end, the student council organises career- and study-related events, such as a yearly alumni event, a weekly thesis ring to give students the opportunity to exchange ideas about their theses, and a buddy programme to guide 1st-year students through their 1st year. Next to that, there are also online and physical social events. For example, a bicycle treasure hunt in the inner city was organised. If you are interested send us an e-mail at

  • Student representative (Nanoscience and Mechanical Engineering) 

Mechanical Engineering is still looking for its representative(s). The board and some other students will help these representatives to organize their events. Ideas can be exchanged with the student councils and representative(s) from the other Master’s degrees as well. Are you interested in organizing some Mechanical Engineering-specific events and like to be the point person of your Master’s degree? Sign up as a student representative!
Send us an email at if you are interested or have any questions regarding this position.

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